Optimising performance

Optimising performance is key to sustaining high performing teams

Our performance optimisation programmes provide managers with everything they need to raise the performance of their people and then keep it there. We see it that building and sustaining high performing teams is both a science and an art

Our approach has been developed over a period of 18 years and tried and tested within many blue chip clients. In each case, the performance improvements have consistently exceeded expectations

Our performance programmes

This programme focuses on two key areas of capability – the ‘what’ and the ‘how’:

The mechanics of performance optimisation. Here we focus on the essential activities of a high performing operation – including getting the right people, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right times. Plus the key routines that underpin excellent performance such as 1:1s, appraisals, team briefings and performance reviews

This is where the artistic element comes in! We help managers develop the communication, engagement and relationships skills to deliver their performance optimisation tasks with conviction, confidence and flair. This is the art of conducting motivating conversations which engage, motivate and inspire their people to perform at their very best, every day

On-the job coaching, team challenges and review sessions are an integral part of our programmes ensuring that new behaviours are successfully transferred into the workplace and embedded

Happy clients

Excellent! Thought-provoking, inspiring, energising. Made me really feel I can make a difference to my team and the business

An absolutely fantastic programme. Not only have I learnt loads to take back to the office, more importantly I have learned a massive amount about myself, reinforced my skills, knowledge and ability. Thank You

Other learning & development programmes

Delivering an outstanding customer experience

Customer facing teams have a huge responsibility for providing a great experience for clients. The more ’high tech’ customer processes become, the more ‘high care’ front end staff need to be, in order to fully deliver service promises and give customers a great experience. Our customer experience programmes help customer facing teams develop an empathic mindset, advanced communication skills and builds on unique strengths to allow natural personality to shine

Developing leadership talent

Our transformational leadership programmes help develop authentic, agile, competent and emotionally intelligent business leaders, equipped with a great suite of skills and tools to ensure they are capable of achieving outstanding success with and through their people

Coaching skills for managers

Coaching is now recognised as a key approach for developing healthy, high performing individuals and teams. Managers who coach in organisations face many different scenarios – from performance challenges to dealing with a range of emotional issues. They require a sophisticated set of knowledge and skills to be effective. Our coaching training courses are of the highest quality and are adapted to reflect the managers’ role