Developing leadership talent

Leaders come in many shapes and sizes with unique strengths and talents

Our transformational leadership programmes help develop authentic, agile, competent and emotionally intelligent business leaders, equipped with a great suite of skills and tools to ensure they are capable of achieving outstanding success with and through their people

Leaders come in many different shapes and sizes and there is no ‘ideal profile’. We help leaders become confident role-models by supporting them to develop their own unique brand of leadership based on their personal values, natural talents and enduring strengths

Our leadership programmes

Our leadership programmes are underpinned with principles and practices taken from the fields of Transactional Analysis, Neuro science and Positive Psychology. We take leaders through a journey of discovery which reveals their personal strengths and talents whilst developing capability in four key disciplines

Personal coaching and on-the-job support is an integral part of our programmes, ensuring that new behaviours are successfully transferred back into the business and embedded

The 4 key disciplines we develop:


Engaging, motivating and inspiring others


Growing people and performance


Delivering service excellence


Driving commercial success

Happy clients

This has been by far the most insightful and interesting leadership programme I have ever attended

What really stood out for me as a programme sponsor was the way in which the Humanistics team supported and challenged our leaders to stretch themselves and delve deeper to find the real issues. The quality of the programme and the way in which it was facilitated gave sponsors like myself confidence that people would leave the programme fully prepared for their future leadership roles

Thank you for a fantastic programme. Not only was it the best delivery I have experienced, but it’s the most thought provoking and inspirational programme I have ever been on

Thank you for a wonderful and inspiring programme – your delivery, enthusiasm and passion for getting leadership right is infectious

Other learning & development programmes

Optimising performance

Building and sustaining high performing teams is both a science and an art. Our performance optimisation programmes focus on the psychology of great performance and provides managers with the knowledge and practical tools they need to create engaged and motivated high performing teams

Coaching skills for managers

Coaching is now recognised as a key approach for developing healthy, high performing individuals and teams. Managers who coach in organisations face many different scenarios – from performance challenges to dealing with a range of emotional issues. They require a sophisticated set of knowledge and skills to be effective. Our coaching training courses are of the highest quality and are adapted to reflect the managers’ role

Delivering an outstanding customer experience

Customer facing teams have a huge responsibility for providing a great experience for clients. The more ’high tech’ customer processes become, the more ‘high care’ front end staff need to be, in order to fully deliver service promises and give customers a great experience. Our customer experience programmes help customer facing teams develop an empathic mindset, advanced communication skills and builds on unique strengths to allow natural personality to shine