Coaching skills for managers

Coaching is key to developing a healthy, high performing team

Coaching is now recognised as a key approach for developing healthy, high performing teams. The sophisticated skills required of managers who coach are by no means simple. It’s therefore critical that training interventions are of the highest quality

Our coaching programmes are infused with the experience of hundreds of hours of coaching practice in all types of organisation. This wealth of expertise allows us to build highly effective development programmes

Our coaching skills for managers programmes

Humanistics brings great expertise which we’re confident will:


Build excellent coaching skills and ethical practice


Enhance individual and team performance


Generate higher levels of productivity


Improve employee engagement


Increase customer satisfaction


Positively add to the cultural climate

Our coaching programmes are tailored to suit 3 levels of organisational coach and are delivered by expert, accredited coaching professionals

Foundation level – for people new to coaching, who would like to incorporate a coaching style into their management/leadership role

Intermediate level – for experienced coaches who require support to apply coaching to more challenging situations

Advanced level – for experienced coaches who want to master their coaching skills with a view to achieving a professional coaching qualification

We offer continued support for coaches by providing updated resources and ongoing supervision to ensure that they continue to develop and operate effectively and ethically

Happy clients

I would recommend this programme to anyone who trains, coaches and manages. It was inspirational and informative, and due to the professionalism and dedication of the facilitators – the learning was very enjoyable and easy to take on board

This programme has far exceeded my expectations. It has opened up so many avenues for me to develop myself and my team and it has also given my confidence a much-needed boost. I particularly enjoyed the interaction with the facilitators and their inspiration and encouragement

Other learning & development programmes

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Building and sustaining high performing teams is both a science and an art. Our performance optimisation programmes focus on the psychology of great performance and provides managers with the knowledge and practical tools they need to create engaged and motivated high performing teams

Developing leadership talent

Our transformational leadership programmes help develop authentic, agile, competent and emotionally intelligent business leaders, equipped with a great suite of skills and tools to ensure they are capable of achieving outstanding success with and through their people

Delivering an outstanding customer experience

Customer facing teams have a huge responsibility for providing a great experience for clients. The more ’high tech’ customer processes become, the more ‘high care’ front end staff need to be, in order to fully deliver service promises and give customers a great experience. Our customer experience programmes help customer facing teams develop an empathic mindset, advanced communication skills and builds on unique strengths to allow natural personality to shine