Energising off-sites

Team clarity, renewed energy and new depths of connection and focus

Team off-sites can be hugely beneficial in bringing a team together to create clarity, connection and focus

Many off-site events combine a mixture of business information, development, socialising and a fun component

We do not have a set programme of off-site interventions, each one is created specifically to reinforce the key messages being delivered in the off-site event

Off-site examples

Barclays Leadership off-site

‘Great team’

A mini intervention designed to help the team achieve their aims to become a great example of teamwork

Our session lasted 2 hours, and explored Optimal Team Functioning referencing the work of Patrick Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team

The session was informative, practical and created the context and climate for the team to have discussions that had previously not been possible. Heartfelt and moving feedback was exchanged and the team identified several important behaviours to change in order to achieve their ‘Great team’ aspirations

BBC Commissioners off-site

‘Building effective relationships’

This mini intervention created a light ‘learning interval’ in between two important business discussions

We used the time to provide a 60 minute exploration into the psychology of relationships applied to the role of Commissioners

The event was held in the Barbican Conservatory, full of exotic plants, birds and colourful flowers – we produced a multitude of colourful, creative tools designed to provide relationship insight

Barclays Strategic Change off-site

‘Coaching others through change’

An offsite designed to present strategic changes to a whole business function

Our session built on a general theme of building effective coaching skills in the organisation, so we were invited to run several mini interactive workshops to help participants experience the power of a 10 minute coaching conversation

We used our signature themes of bright colours, handy aide memoires, flowers and music to set the scene and create an inviting space to explore

Attendance at our session was optional but we were inundated with people. It was deemed a great success by the sponsors

Other team facilitation and coaching programmes

Team effectiveness facilitation

Sessions delivered by expert facilitators who work fluidly and emergently with team behaviours, attitudes and themes which present in the moment